Every websites and mobile app development activity requires some basic steps/phase that is necessary for any kind of software development work. Steps that are taken during the mobile app and website development shown below:-

IT Fosters provides following services to its customers that are shown below:

  • Sketch and analysis: -

    In this phase our development team tries to understand the customer requirements in deep and then they analyze the problems with relevant expert professionals. After that there is created report documentation of analysis activity thereafter, proceed to next phase of development.

  • Design:-

    This is the second phase of development in which there is designed “project module” whose development is to be done properly. It is very important phase for any project because; if design will not be proper then development work will not be successful. So, we always make design of any project by our expert project designer so that design would be error free.

  • Development:-

    It is the very important phase of any websites or mobile apps because actual coding is done for the relevant project here. By means of development phase, manual designed module is converted in to digitized form on to the computers. So, there is the major responsibility of the programmer to do error free coding. Therefore, programmer and software developer must have to implements well syntax, proper logic during coding phase so that result of developed website and mobile apps would be accurate and relevant.

  • Testing:-

    In this phase there is checked out error in the developed system/project so that caught error could be removed. We provide Professional tester to test every module of project in deep whether every module output is as expected or not. If, any error found then discuss that error with expert so that error could be removed permanently.

  • Delivery:-

    This is the final phase of websites and mobile app development in which project is finally delivered to the customers/clients. After delivery, implementation is done by customers with the help of vendors or self.